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pre-2019 projects

DISCORD 879 Festival: 

Leonardo: Life on an Artist

Leonardo hey? What a man. What great feats he has achieved. We thought it was time that we put the jokes aside for once and put the serious spotlight exploring in-depth, the life that is; Leonardo.


DISCORD 879 Festival: 

General Secretariat & I

USSR. 1985. Never mind where exactly. Gorbachev is threatening to steal the show. No respect for his predecessors. Down in the basement are two biographers. It’s time to save Andropov and Chernenko’s legacy. But such bourgeois upbringings...Come find us, but keep quiet.

Melbourne University Law Revue 2018: 

The Cake

We are excited to bring you Melbourne University Law Revue’s 2018 production!

Melbourne Uni’s infamous comedy group is back, with more outrageously funny sketches and edgy entertainment than ever before.


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