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past screen projects


Utopia (Season 5)

Did this season of Utopia seem funnier then usual? Probably because I was in it for an episode.

Utopia is a mockumentary satire about the difficult process of taking grand, uncosted, inadequately planned, fundamentally flawed schemes - and passing them off as "Nation Building".

VCA Honours
These Men Did (2021)
Dir. Lachlan Stevens

Hungarian-Australian immigrant Gergely leaves behind his alcoholic father to enlist in the Vietnam War. On arrival, he is greeted by a rag-tag squad before they are warned of an impending ambush.

Having taken antimalarials, they retreat but soon find themselves lost in the jungle, where they begin to fight a battle on multiple fronts.


Melbourne International Film Festival Premiere


Swinburne Graduate
The Weeping Woman (2021)
Dir. Scott Di Stefano

Lets transport back to August 1986, Melbourne, Australia. The mysterious and true story of the theft of Picasso's 'Weeping Woman' painting is stolen from the National Gallery of Victoria. Not 3 weeks later, the painting is recovered in a locker at Spencer Street Station. To this day, it is unknown what happened during those 16 days, so we decided to explore our own take on this curious case.

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